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Bring your friends & family together

The evolution of a BBQ table inspires a fair share of fiery debate. Whether you insist on slowly cooked food or prefer a comparatively quicker outdoor grilling, the common point is, It all starts with fire ! The endless possibilities of cooking with fire was known to mankind from a million years ago. 

As the evolution of the gas grill design continues, Havanto’s BBQ Table seeks to inspire a contemporary style of outdoor grilling. Our BBQ table  not only gets you to cook some delicious food but will also actively involve your friends and family with its versatile design features. 

Perfect for any Apartment Balcony or Terrace

Love the weather and want to enjoy it with friends and family sitting within your comfort zone? Let Havanto’s BBQ table give you the perfect grilling experience, an intimate, fun social gathering at your balcony, terrace, garden, and beyond. 

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One Table Many Uses

Our versatile BBQ Table is designed to accommodate larger groups of people in outdoor settings as well. BBQing outdoor allows people’s greater freedom when socializing whilst cooking their BBQ food. The set is resistant to extreme weather conditions and is easy to assemble or disassemble as required. 

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Water Proof

Weather Resistant

Heat Resistant Surface

Strong & Durable



Take your party where you go!

 "It's not just a table, Its an EVENT !"

The best part is yet to come to you ! The elaborate and enthusiastic outdoor cooking event can now be morphed into a small box . That’s, right ! You can now take your BBQ party with you wherever you go.

It is designed to be portable and easy-to-set-up so you can quickly switch from BBQing to eating without having to bring your BBQ indoors.